Postgresql 14 wurde veröffentlicht

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group today announced the release of
[PostgreSQL 14](, the latest
version of the world's [most advanced open source database](

PostgreSQL 14 brings a variety of features that help developers and
administrators deploy their data-backed applications. PostgreSQL continues to
add innovations on complex data types, including more convenient access for
JSON and support for noncontiguous ranges of data. This latest release adds
to PostgreSQL's trend on improving high performance and distributed
data workloads, with advances in connection concurrency, high-write
workloads, query parallelism and logical replication.

"This latest release of PostgreSQL advances our users' ability to manage data
workloads at scale, enhances observability, and contains new features that help
application developers," said Magnus Hagander, a PostgreSQL Core Team member.
"PostgreSQL 14 is a testament to the dedication of the global PostgreSQL
community in addressing feedback and continuing to deliver innovative database
software that is deployed by organizations large and small."

[PostgreSQL](, an innovative data management system
known for its reliability and robustness, benefits from over 25 years of open
source development from a [global developer community](
and has become the preferred open source relational database for organizations
of all sizes.