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David E. Wheeler: Recent PGXN Improvements

22. Februar 2024 - 22:19

One of the perks of my new gig at Tembo is that I have more time to work on PGXN. In the last ten years I’ve had very little time to give, so things have stagnated. The API, for example, hasn’t seen a meaningful update since 2016!

But that’s all changed now, and every bit of the PGXN architecture has experienced a fair bit of TLC in the last few weeks. A quick review.

David Wheeler: The History and Future of Extension Versioning

22. Februar 2024 - 20:33

Every software distribution system deals with versioning. Early in the design of PGXN, I decided to require semantic versions (SemVer), a clearly-defined and widely-adopted version standard, even in its pre-1.0 specification.

muhammad ali: PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery Management using Barman

22. Februar 2024 - 18:47

Barman stands as a widely used open-source tool dedicated to managing backup and disaster recovery operations for PostgreSQL databases.

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Michael Banck: Quick Benchmark: PostgreSQL 2024Q1 Release Performance Improvements

22. Februar 2024 - 16:55

The PostgreSQL 2024Q1 back-branch releases 16.2, 15.6, 14.11, 13.14 and 12.18 on February 8th 2024. Besides fixing a security issue (CVE-2024-0985) and the usual bugs, they are somewhat unique in that they address two performance problems by backporting fixes already introduced into the master branch before. In this blog post, we describe two quick benchmarks that show how the new point releases have improved.

Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek: The Builders Podcast Recap: Unlocking Postgres Power: A Deep Dive on Simplifying High Availability with Gianni Ciolli

21. Februar 2024 - 2:10
If you’ve been following along with our Builders podcasts, you know that in every episode I interview one distinguished guest. This episode #3 is particularly interesting, because our guest is Gianni Ciolli, EDB VP and Field CTO, and we touch on everything from EDB's Trusted Postgres Architect solution to Galileo’s scientific method.

David Wheeler: RFC: Extension Metadata Typology

20. Februar 2024 - 23:26

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about metadata for Postgres extensions.

Jimmy Angelakos: FOSSCOMM 2023 Heraklion — How PostgreSQL helps you enforce best

20. Februar 2024 - 15:00

So here's a very delayed blog post! Back in late October 2023, I visited the FOSSCOMM conference in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, organised for the 15th year running (!) by the Greek open source community. As a community conference, there is a very heavy student presence, a really broad range of topics, and geeky stuff, and that is just awesome. The DIY spirit, volunteering and camaraderie brings out the best in people and makes it all enjoyable for attendees.

oded valin: SQL Optimization: a comprehensive developer’s guide

19. Februar 2024 - 11:23

Ok you got a database, how do you optimize SQL performances? To answer this question you need a lot of time and effort in order to understand workloads and performance patterns, evaluate degradation and apply corrective measures. However there are standard practices that you can implement to improve performances. This SQL optimization guide will showcase some best practices that apply across almost every database and can be a good starting point to optimize your database workloads.

Henrietta Dombrovskaya: Logging: What, Why and When

19. Februar 2024 - 3:06

There are multiple PostgreSQL configuration parameters that determine what exactly to log. In Postgres 16, there are 30 of them if you exclude the ones related to the file naming and location. We rarely change them when we create a new instance. In a best-case scenario, your organization has a default set of cnfiguration parameters which are applied when a new instance is created.

Andrew Atkinson: Maintainable Podcast — Maintainable…Databases? 🎙️

19. Februar 2024 - 1:00

Recently I appeared as a guest on the Maintainable Podcast with Robby Russell. I’ve admired this podcast for a long time based on the guests, conversations, and focus on software maintenance.

Much of what a software engineer does is evolve and maintain existing systems. I’m glad Robby created this podcast to explore maintenance topics, and has gathered the perspectives of many practitioners.

What is Maintainable Software?

Robby starts each episode by asking the guest what maintainable software is in their perspective.

Dan Langille: Moving local settings for pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf out of PGDATA

18. Februar 2024 - 13:30

One of the configuration aspects of FreeBSD I have long liked is the concept of default values which are overridden by the user. For example, /etc/defaults/rc.conf (see The /etc directory). The default values in this file can be overridden by the user with their preferred values in /etc/rc.conf (or /etc/rc.conf.local, and other locations if you so choose (search for rc_conf_files)).

semab tariq: Selective Column Replication in PostgreSQL

16. Februar 2024 - 11:06

Discover selective column replication in PostgreSQL - a powerful feature for replicating specific columns across databases.

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Andreas Scherbaum: FOSDEM and FOSDEM PGDay 2024 Review

16. Februar 2024 - 0:27

FOSDEM 2024 in Brussels is history, and as always it was a good event and nice trip to Belgium.

PostgreSQL Europe did organize a PGDay on Friday before FOSDEM. In addition we had a stand at the main FOSDEM event, and a Devroom on Sunday.

Grant Fritchey: Functions and Procedures: Learning PostgreSQL with Grant

15. Februar 2024 - 23:09

One of the most useful constructs in SQL Server is the stored procedure. It gives you a way to do several things. First up, you can store code within the database. Next, you can parameterize queries so that you’re not hard coding or generating ad hoc queries every time you want to call them. You can put in transaction handling, multiple result sets, security and more. They truly are a useful tool.

Raouf Chebri: PgBouncer: The one with prepared statements

15. Februar 2024 - 10:43

The latest release of PgBouncer 1.22.0 increases query throughput by 15% to 250% and includes support for DEALLOCATE ALL and DISCARD ALL, as well as protocol-level prepared statements released in 1.21.0.

Sai Srirampur: Postgres to ClickHouse Real time Replication using PeerDB

14. Februar 2024 - 17:57
Today we at PeerDB are introducing the ClickHouse target connector in Beta. With this you can seamlessly replicate data in Postgres to ClickHouse with low latency and high throughput. ClickHouse was one of the most asked connector from our customers,...

muhammad ali: PostgreSQL Tuning and DBtune

14. Februar 2024 - 17:38

Learn how DBtune simplifies PostgreSQL parameter tuning and helps in achieving peak performance based on workload.

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Henrietta Dombrovskaya: PG Day Chicago Schedule is announced!

14. Februar 2024 - 2:54

Dea PostgreSQL Community, friends, and colleagues! The PG Day Chicago schedule is here! I want to thank everybody who submitted proposals and our CfP committee for doing an exceptional job reviewing submissions and finalizing selection in a very short time!

We will have three tracks with twenty-one talks total, plus Lighting talks, and my only regret is that I won’t be able to listen to most of them. But those who are going to attend will have way better chances!

Agustin Gallego: PostgreSQL Column Alignment and Padding – How To Improve Performance With Smarter Table Design

13. Februar 2024 - 19:17
In this blog post, we are going to briefly discuss the reasons why column order matters when creating tables -or relations- in PostgreSQL.AlignmentIn its internal representation of tuples, Postgres will set each column at a position depending on the alignment defined for the data type used (following the same sequential order as the one used […]