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Lætitia AVROT: Postgres dress with pockets

27. November 2020 - 17:27
I was looking for something to add to my Christmas wish list (yes, my parents are retired and they asked for this wish list for the last 3 months) and I remembered I had seen a blog post a few years ago where you could print your own code on clothes. I had a good memory of a particularly nice dress (and I found out later it even had pockets! Yay!

Dimitri Fontaine: 2020: Online Conferences

27. November 2020 - 13:10
Among a lot of other changes, the year 2020 brings Online Conferences to us. In the Postgres community too we now record our talks at home and send a video file to be playedto a virtual audience, and sometimes shared later in a platform online. So this yeah I did participate in Postgres Vision 2020 where I did deliver a talk about The Art of PostgreSQL. This a talk all about the book that I have written and self-publish at The Art of PostgreSQL: learn how to turn thousands of lines of code into simple SQL queries.

Michał Mackiewicz: Setting up PostgreSQL for Debezium

26. November 2020 - 12:13

Debezium is a popular Open Source change data capture (CDC) solution.

Hamid Akhtar: PostgreSQL High Availability: Setup and Uptime Considerations

26. November 2020 - 12:02

My previous blog on “PostgreSQL High Availability: Considerations and Candidates” mostly talked about defining an HA considerations for PostgreSQL, RPO and RTO and briefly touched on some of the open source solutions available. Granted that I didn’t list them all and people shared some additional ones that I may end up reviewing as well.

Steven Pousty: Using Postgres for Statistics: Centering and Standardizing Data

25. November 2020 - 19:11

In the last two blog posts on data science in Postgres, we got our data ready for regression analysis and had predictive variables that are on wildly different scales. Another example of data on different scales would be annual income versus age.

ahsan hadi: Calling a Stored Procedure in PostgrSQL from JAVA and its Current Limitations

25. November 2020 - 10:40

This is my third blog about Stored Procedure support in PostgreSQL, the previous two blogs are reachable from the HighGo CA blogs site The first blog was introduction and usage of Stored Procedures and its difference with Stored Functions, the second blog focussed on creating and using Procedures with Definer and Invoker rights. The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate how to execute a Stored procedure from Java.

Kaarel Moppel: Insert-only data modelling to smooth peaks on slow disks

25. November 2020 - 9:30

A few years ago, I wrote a short post on a similar topic; since then, I’ve often seen that the whole concept of suggesting to do more INSERT-s in critical parts of the code seems pretty strange to most customers. It’s even alien to those who are not new to databases in general. So I thought that the technique could use another go-round since I think it’s quite a nice design trick that can alleviate some certain problems when used correctly.

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: How to limit rows to at most N per category

24. November 2020 - 22:44
The question was asked relatively recently on irc. And it proved to be non-trivial. Surely, if you want to have one row per category (one address per user), it's trivial – add user_id column to addresses, make it unique, and we're done. But what if we want to allow five addresses? Or five thousands? Let's … Continue reading "How to limit rows to at most N per category"

Craig Kerstiens: Postgres: The batteries included database

23. November 2020 - 21:06

At most of the places I've worked, the primary language used was not what I gravitated to naturally. If you're going to ask for a language of choice personally, it's python. I appreciate the explicit nature, that it's often pseudocode that can execute and it has a rich ecosystem of libraries (though that’s most languages these days). But as much as anything I latched onto Django in its early days.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Pavel Stehule

23. November 2020 - 15:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Pavel Stehule: I am from the Czech Republic, and live in my home village in Central Czech. I am an independent developer, consultant and lecturer. My work is 100% related to Postgres - training, solving customer performance issues, writing patches, bug fixing.

Marco Slot: Making Postgres stored procedures 9X faster in Citus

21. November 2020 - 18:24

Stored procedures are widely used in commercial relational databases. You write most of your application logic in PL/SQL and achieve notable performance gains by pushing this logic into the database. As a result, customers who are looking to migrate from other databases to PostgreSQL usually make heavy use of stored procedures.

Paul Ramsey: Waiting for PostGIS 3.1: Grid Generators

21. November 2020 - 16:00

Summarizing data against a fixed grid is a common way of preparing data for analysis. Fixed grids have some advantages over natural and administrative boundaries:

Stefan Fercot: Combining pgBackRest dedicated repository host and Streaming Replication

21. November 2020 - 1:00

pgBackRest is a well-known powerful backup and restore tool. It offers a lot of possibilities.

In this post, we’ll see how to setup a dedicated repository host to backup a PostgreSQL 3-nodes cluster.

The repository host will be called backup-srv and the 3 PostgreSQL nodes in Streaming Replication: pg1-srv, pg2-srv, pg3-srv. All the nodes will be running on CentOS 7.

Greg Smith: PostgreSQL Benchmarks: Apple ARM M1 MacBook Pro 2020

20. November 2020 - 18:23

This week Apple started delivering Macs using their own Apple Silicon chips, starting with a Mac SOC named the M1. M1 uses the ARM instruction set and claims some amazing acceleration for media workloads. I wanted to know how it would do running PostgreSQL, an app that's been running on various ARM systems for years. The results are great!

Regina Obe: PostGIS 3.0.3

20. November 2020 - 1:00

The PostGIS Team is pleased to release PostGIS 3.0.3.

Best served with PostgreSQL 13.1, and GEOS 3.8.1

pgRouting 3.1.1

Continue Reading by clicking title hyperlink ..

Egor Rogov: MVCC in PostgreSQL — 3. Row Versions

20. November 2020 - 1:00

Well, we've already discussed isolation and made a digression regarding the low-level data structure. And we've finally reached the most fascinating thing, that is, row versions (tuples).

Paul Ramsey: Waiting for Postgis 3.1: Vector tile improvements

19. November 2020 - 19:00

This is a guest post from Raúl Marín, a core PostGIS contributor and a former colleague of mine at Carto. Raúl is an amazing systems engineer and has been cruising through the PostGIS code base making things faster and more efficient. You can find the original of this post at his new personal tech blog. – Paul

Michał Mackiewicz: Solving the “3rd arg isn’t within [0,1]” problem in pgRouting

19. November 2020 - 15:52

Happy PostGIS Day everyone!

(for those who don’t know: the third Wednesday of November each year is celebrated as the “GIS Day“, and the-day-after-GIS Day, is, well, the PostGIS Day!)

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for PostgreSQL 14 – Provide the OR REPLACE option for CREATE TRIGGER.

19. November 2020 - 6:00
On 14th of November 2020, Tom Lane committed patch: Provide the OR REPLACE option for CREATE TRIGGER.   This is mostly straightforward. However, we disallow replacing constraint triggers or changing the is-constraint property; perhaps that can be added later, but the complexity versus benefit tradeoff doesn't look very good.   Also, no special thought is … Continue reading "Waiting for PostgreSQL 14 – Provide the OR REPLACE option for CREATE TRIGGER."

Regina Obe: PostGIS 3.1.0alpha3

19. November 2020 - 1:00

The PostGIS Team is pleased to release the third alpha of upcoming PostGIS 3.1.0 release. This version is exposes some of the new performance and feature enhancements in not yet relesed GEOS 3.9 as well as numerous speed enhancements not requiring newer GEOS. Requires GEOS 3.6+ and PostgreSQL 9.6+. To use MVT you will need proto-buf 1.2.1 or higher.

Best served with

PostgreSQL 13.1, GEOS 3.7 or higher is recommended.