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Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: A tale about (incomplete) upgrade from PostgreSQL 12 to 14

vor 2 Stunden 33 Minuten
This might not interest many of you, but I recently heard about at least two people that stumbled upon the problems I did, so I figured I can write about problems we discovered, and how we solved them (or not). When we began our journey, the latest Pg was 14.x, that's why we're upgrading to … Continue reading "A tale about (incomplete) upgrade from PostgreSQL 12 to 14"

Syed Salman Ahmed Bokhari: Setting Up a PostgreSQL 3-Node HA Cluster using pg_cirrus

3. Juni 2023 - 19:27

Introduction We are thrilled to announce the release of pg_cirrus! First of all, you might be wondering what “cirrus” means. The term refers to the thin and wispy clouds that are often seen at high altitudes. pg_cirrus is a simple and automated solution to deploy highly available 3-node PostgreSQL clusters with auto failover. It is […]

REGINA OBE: PostGIS Bundle 3.3.3 for Windows with MobilityDB

3. Juni 2023 - 2:34

I recently released PostGIS 3.3.3. bundle for Windows which is available on application stackbuilder and OSGeo download site for PostgreSQL 11 - 15.

Michael Christofides: Database change management vs performance

2. Juni 2023 - 22:57

This month’s PGSQL Phriday topic is “database change management”, proposed by Dian Fay.

While I’ll try to make this topic about performance (as I always do) let me first embark on a quick trip down memory lane.

Ryan Booz: 10 Requirements for Managing Database Changes

2. Juni 2023 - 19:54
The host for PGSQL Phriday #009 is Dian Fay, who has asked us to discuss how we manage database changes. Oh my, Dian picked a topic that’s near and dear to me. In fact, one of my (still visible) T-SQL Tuesday blog posts was about this very topic… 7 years ago! Quick aside: For those ... Read more

Grant Fritchey: PGSQL Phriday #009: On Rollback

2. Juni 2023 - 16:14

The invitation this month for #PGSqlPhriday comes from Dian Fay. The topic is pretty simple, database change management. Now, I may have, once or twice, spoken about database change management, database DevOps, automating deployments, and all that sort of thing. Maybe. Once or twice. OK. This is my topic. I’ve got some great examples on […]

The post PGSQL Phriday #009: On Rollback appeared first on Grant Fritchey.

Maxim Boguk: Please welcome Pg_index_watch – a utility for dealing with index bloat on frequently updated tables.

2. Juni 2023 - 14:07

One of the big topics in Postgres is bloat. It is something that every DBA comes across and in fact we have a few good posts on how to work with bloat in our blog. 

Update-heavy tables is a special case of data that due to business requirements needs to be updated frequently to stay relevant. Autovacuum may be a good solution for table bloat (you can check this post describing how to do that), however it does not help with index bloat. 

Deepak Mahto: Analytical Functions: Count of Distinct in Oracle vs. PostgreSQL

2. Juni 2023 - 10:33
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Dian Fay: PGSQL Phriday #009: Three Big Ideas in Schema Evolution

2. Juni 2023 - 2:00

I've used several migration frameworks in my time. Most have been variations on a common theme dating back lo these past fifteen-twenty years: an ordered directory of SQL scripts with an in-database registry table recording those which have been executed. The good ones checksum each script and validate them every run to make sure nobody's trying to change the old files out from under you. But I've run into three so far, and used two in production, that do something different.

Roberto Mello: Logical Replication on Standbys in Postgres 16

1. Juni 2023 - 15:00

Postgres 16 is hot off the press with the beta release last week. I am really excited about the new feature that allows logical replication from standbys, allowing users to:

Peter Eisentraut: SQL:2023 is out

1. Juni 2023 - 6:00

The news today is that SQL:2023, the new version of the SQL standard, has been published by ISO.

Here are links to the parts on the ISO web site:

Umair Shahid: Data inconsistency in highly available PostgreSQL clusters

31. Mai 2023 - 14:25

If nodes in a database cluster get out of sync, the inconsistency can cause data corruption. This blog describes what to watch out for.

The post Data inconsistency in highly available PostgreSQL clusters appeared first on Stormatics.

Martin Davis: SVG Images from Postgres

30. Mai 2023 - 15:00

PostGIS excels at storing, manipulating and analyzing geospatial data. At some point it's usually desired to convert raw spatial data into a two-dimensional representation to utilize the integrative capabilities of the human visual cortex. In other words, to see things on a map.

Keith Fiske: New Site, New Partman

30. Mai 2023 - 14:10
Thanks to some help from my co-workers Elizabeth and David Christenson and their son, I got my site migrated from Wordpress to Hugo! Being a DBA, you’d think I wouldn’t mind having a database backing my website, but the simplicity of managing a static site like Hugo was much more appealing at this point. With a new site that’s far easier to manage, I’m hoping that will motivate me to get back to writing new content on a regular basis.

Ryan Booz: PostgreSQL for the SQL Server DBA: Transaction Isolation and Table Bloat

30. Mai 2023 - 14:00
This is part of a series I began in 2018, documenting my journey from SQL Server to PostgreSQL. As someone that’s been through the process before, my hope is that these discussions will help mitigate some of the surprises and help you get up to speed faster. Today, I’m going to dig into how PostgreSQL ... Read more

Laurenz Albe: ERROR: invalid byte sequence – Fix bad encoding in PostgreSQL

30. Mai 2023 - 10:11

It’s annoying to get error messages caused by encoding problems. But it is more annoying not to get error messages and end up with bad data in the database. I’ll show you how to fix bad encoding.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Carlos Chapi

29. Mai 2023 - 16:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Carlos Chapi: My name is Carlos Chapi, I’m a computer engineer from Ecuador and, at the time of writing this, I’m 33 years old. I also recently got married so I’m getting used to that too.

Sergey Pronin: Disaster Recovery for PostgreSQL on Kubernetes

29. Mai 2023 - 14:58

Disaster recovery is not optional for businesses operating in the digital age. With the ever-increasing reliance on data, system outages or data loss can be catastrophic, causing significant business disruptions and financial losses.

Peter Eisentraut: PostgreSQL compile times

29. Mai 2023 - 6:00

What’s the fastest compiler for PostgreSQL? Let’s take a look.

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Variables in psql, how to use them?

28. Mai 2023 - 15:50
psql, the database client for PostgreSQL has, since forever, support for variables. These let you write certain queries in a way that is safe even when getting params from “outside". Let's see what can be done with it… To use them, we first need to know how to set them. For this, we have multiple … Continue reading "Variables in psql, how to use them?"