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Florian Nadler: Analyzing historical flight data with MobilityDB

26. April 2022 - 10:00
MobilityDB is on the move

Since my last article about MobilityDB, the overall project has further developed and improved.
This is a very good reason to invest some time and showcase MobilityDB’s rich feature stack by analyzing historical flight data from OpenSky-Network, a non-profit organisation which has been collecting air traffic surveillance data since 2013.

Joshua Tolley: Formatting SQL code with pgFormatter within Vim

26. April 2022 - 2:00

Photo by Garrett Skinner

Sometimes a little, seemingly simple tip can make a world of difference. I’ve got enough gray hair these days that it would be pretty easy for me to start thinking I’d seen an awful lot, yet quite frequently when I watch a colleague working in a meeting or a tmux session or somewhere, I learn some new and simple thing that makes my life demonstrably easier.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Philippe Beaudoin

25. April 2022 - 16:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Philippe Beaudoin: I live in France, more precisely in Rouen, in the Normandy. I’m working at Dalibo for about 6 years. In my previous job at Bull, I have had the great opportunity to manage the migration to PostgreSQL for a large customer in France: CNAF. That was 14 years ago.