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Hamid Akhtar: Monitoring PostgreSQL with Nagios and Checkmk

15. März 2021 - 13:41

A key aspect of maintaining a high performance database is continuous monitoring of system resources, as any issues anywhere on the system can potentially lead to downtime. There are options aplenty for monitoring, so reinventing the wheel doesn’t make much sense. For that purpose, I’ve selected a couple of options that are simple to deploy, customizable, and can provide us with all the relevant information about the health of a PostgreSQL system.

This blog will focus on setting up Nagios for PostgreSQL monitoring before proceeding with enhancing that with Checkmk.

Jelte Fennema: Scaling out Postgres with the Citus open source shard rebalancer

13. März 2021 - 18:27

One of the main reasons people use the Citus extension for Postgres is to distribute the data in Postgres tables across multiple nodes. Citus does this by splitting the original Postgres table into multiple smaller tables and putting these smaller tables on different nodes. The process of splitting bigger tables into smaller ones is called sharding—and these smaller Postgres tables are called “shards”. Citus then allows you to query the shards as if they were still a single Postgres table.

Pavel Stehule: new release 3.15.0 of Orafce extension

13. März 2021 - 8:38
I released version 3.15.0. Thank to Giles Darold (author of ora2pg, pgbadger, pgFormatter, ..) work you can use Oracle's regexp functions like New regexp_like(), regexp_count(), regexp_instr() and regexp_substr().

Kaarel Moppel: Running Postgres in Docker – why and how?

11. März 2021 - 15:00

The big question we hear quite often is, “Can and should we run production Postgres workloads in a Docker? Does it work?” The answer in short: yes, it will work… if you really want it to… or if it’s all only fun and play, i.e. for throwaway stuff like testing.

Michael Aboagye: Basic practices for optimizing read and write performance in PostgreSQL

11. März 2021 - 9:27

Optimizing read and write performance varies for every Postgres database server in a different environment. Continue reading Basic practices for optimizing read and write performance in PostgreSQL→

Dan Langille: to_tsquery gives ‘ERROR: syntax error in tsquery’ when it contains a space

10. März 2021 - 2:30
I had noticed a problem with my full text search solution when I was testing. If the input query contained a quote, an error resulted on the query. At the time, I attributed that to a poor input/text handling. Later, I realized I was wrong. On the website, this PHP code is used: Where $this->Query [...]

Dan Langille: A PostgreSQL query runs in 1.7s – add a LIMIT 10, runs in 28.2 seconds

9. März 2021 - 18:58
In yesterdays blog post, Replacing a column search with a full text search solution, I wanted to mention how adding a LIMIT 10 to a fast running query made it run slower. I didn’t remember that issue until this morning. Fortunately, the fix was low cost. The query This is the query I ran: The [...]

Tatsuo Ishii: Speeding up pgbench using COPY FREEZE

9. März 2021 - 10:01
  Photo by Florian Kurz  What is pgbench

Pgbench is a simple tool to perform performance tests on PostgreSQL.

Pavlo Golub: PostgreSQL GitHub Actions – Continuous Integration

9. März 2021 - 10:00

GitHub Actions (GHA) are altogether a piece of excellent machinery for continuous integration or other automated tasks on your repo. I started to use them from the release day on as a replacement for CircleCI. Not that I think CircleCI is a bad product; I love to have everything in one place if possible. However, using a young product is a challenge. Even now, there is no easy way to debug actions.

Alexey Lesovsky: Upgrade: new pgCenter features are now available

9. März 2021 - 8:46

The last time I’ve made changes in pgCenter was back in January, so I thought it was about time to make a few revisions and upgrade to a new version. As a result I’ve added following statistics:

Dan Langille: Replacing a column search with a full text search solution

9. März 2021 - 3:03
One of the many useful features on FreshPorts is: what port[s] install[s] this file? That’s the pkg-plist search option. pkg-plist is a file which “lists all the files installed by the port”. However not all ports have a pkg-plist file because the list is compiled automatically. That is why the configure_plist table was created to [...]

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Guillaume Lelarge

8. März 2021 - 15:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Guillaume Lelarge: My name is Guillaume Lelarge. I live in Lille, France. I’m working at Dalibo, a french PostgreSQL company.

Regina Obe: PostgreSQL 13 64-bit for Windows FDWs

7. März 2021 - 20:53

We are pleased to provide binaries for file_textarray_fdw and odbc_fdw for PostgreSQL 13 Windows 64-bit.

To use these, copy the files into your PostgreSQL 13 Windows 64-bit install folders in same named folders and then run CREATE EXTENSION as usual in the databases of your choice. More details in the packaged README.txt

Jeff Davis: Citus 10 brings columnar compression to Postgres

6. März 2021 - 18:00

Citus 10 is out! Check out the Citus 10 blog post for all the details. Citus is an open source extension to Postgres (not a fork) that enables scale-out, but offers other great features, too. See the Citus docs and the Citus github repo and README.

Pavel Stehule: Video about pspg pager usage

5. März 2021 - 19:08
I prepared short video about pspg.

Marco Slot: Citus 10: Columnar for Postgres, rebalancer, single-node, & more

5. März 2021 - 18:00

Development on Citus first started around a decade ago and once a year we release a major new Citus open source version. We wanted to make number 10 something special, but I could not have imagined how truly spectacular this release would become. Citus 10 extends Postgres (12 and 13) with many new superpowers:

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Starting with Pg – where are logs?

5. März 2021 - 3:27
Just so that it will be perfectly clear: the logs I have in mind are the ones for DBAs to read – with slow queries, errors, and other interesting information. So, how does one find them? If you can connect to PostgreSQL, you can get settings from there, and usually, you will not even need … Continue reading "Starting with Pg – where are logs?"

Laurenz Albe: New target_session_attrs settings for high availability and scaling in PostgreSQL v14

4. März 2021 - 11:45

© Laurenz Albe 2021

PostgreSQL commit ee28cacf61 has added new options for the target_session_attrs connection parameter. This article explores how the new options can be used to simplify high availability and horizontal scaling solutions.

David Z: How to create a system information function in PostgreSQL

4. März 2021 - 1:00
1. Overview

PostgreSQL supports many System Information Functions, such as Session Information Functions, Access Privilege Inquiry Functions, Schema Visibility Inquiry Functions, System Catalog Information Functions, Transaction ID and Snapshot Information Functions, etc. However, you may want build some special functions and integrate them into the PostgreSQL. This blog is going to walk through the steps about how to build your own System Information Functions into PostgreSQL.

cary huang: How PostgreSQL Handles Sub Transaction Visibility In Streaming Replication

4. März 2021 - 0:12
1. Introduction

As an experienced PostgreSQL user, you may have a lot of experience in setting up streaming replication in your database clusters to make multiple backups of your data. But have you wondered how the standby is able to correctly determine if a tuple sent from the primary should be visible to the user or not. In the case where a transaction contains multiple subtransactions, how does the standby determine the visibility in this case? You might say… well it is PostgreSQL so it will just work… This is true.