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Tatsuo Ishii: Snapshot Isolation Mode

25. Juli 2020 - 10:31
Pgpool-II 4.2 is under development Pgpool-II developers have been working hard for upcoming Pgpool-II 4.2 release, which is supposed to be released around this September or October.
Snapshot isolation mode is coming For the new release I have just added new clustering mode called "Snapshot isolation mode", which would be not only interesting for Pgpool-II users but PostgreSQL users and I think I decided to write about it in this blog.

Existing clustering mode Until Pgpool-II 4.1, we have following clustering mode:

cary huang: Approaches to Achieve in-Memory Table Storage with PostgreSQL Pluggable API

25. Juli 2020 - 0:05
1. Introduction

Recently, I have had an opportunity to perform some in-depth feasibility study in-memory table using PostgreSQL’s pluggable storage API. The pluggable storage API was introduced Since PostgreSQL v12 and it allowed custom table storage Access Methods (AM for short) to be developed. Some famous examples include zheap from EDB, which aims to store a much more simplified tuple structure to achieve vacuum free storage and zedstore from Greenplum to utilize columnar storage.

Bruce Momjian: Encryption at Rest

24. Juli 2020 - 15:30

There are many security guides that require encryption at rest. However, it is unclear exactly what "at rest" means. Encrypted at rest can potentially mean encrypted when the:

Kaarel Moppel: What is fillfactor and how does it affect PostgreSQL performance?

24. Juli 2020 - 9:00

Recently I was asked if there’s a rule of thumb / best practice for setting the fillfactor in Postgres – and the only answer I could give was to decrease it “a bit” if you’re doing lots and lots of updates on some table. Good advice? Well it could be better of course – this kind of coarse quantization leaves a lot of room for interpretation and possible adverse effects. So to have a nicer answer ready for the next time I thought it would be nice to get some real approximate numbers. Time to conjure up some kind of a test!

movead li: The SPI feature under PostgreSQL kernel

24. Juli 2020 - 3:52

Server Programming Interface(SPI) is a module in the PostgreSQL kernel which allows kernel developers to execute SQL statements in C functions and have the ability to manage transactions. This module provides great convenience for PostgreSQL plug-in development through its characteristics so that developers can conveniently call various database languages in the kernel. SPI modules are used in the realization of procedural languages and when learning to use SPI, we can refer to the methods of calling SPI interfaces by these modules.

Paolo Melchiorre: Speaking online at EuroPython 2020

24. Juli 2020 - 0:00

An article about my first participation as a speaker at an online conference: EuroPython 2020.

Peter Eisentraut: Unicode normalization in PostgreSQL 13

23. Juli 2020 - 15:26
Unicode equivalence Unicode is a complicated beast. One of its numerous peculiar features is that different sequences of codepoints can be equal. This is not the case in legacy encodings. In LATIN1, for instance, the only thing that is equal to ‘a’ is ‘a’ and the only thing that is equal to ‘ä’ is ‘ä’. […]

Paolo Melchiorre: EuroPython 2020

23. Juli 2020 - 0:00

EuroPython is the official European conference for the Python programming language.

Bruce Momjian: Passwords in Log files

22. Juli 2020 - 17:15

No one likes user passwords appearing in log files (except the bad guys/gals).

Andrew Dunstan: Partitioning a large table without a long-running lock

21. Juli 2020 - 18:01
Let’s say you have an application that has a huge table and that needs to be available all the time. It’s got so big that managing it without partitioning it is getting increasingly difficult. But you can’t take the table offline to create a new partitioned version of the table, which would take a great […]

Pavel Stehule: pspg for monetdb client

21. Juli 2020 - 17:11
Today I wrote very small patch for pspg - support for MonetDB client format. MonetDB is pretty fast inmemory column store SQL database. It is really fast (if your data can be stored in memory).

Sadequl Hussain: How to Monitor PostgreSQL 12 Performance with OmniDB – Part 2

21. Juli 2020 - 13:56
In a previous article of this series, we created a two-node PostgreSQL 12 cluster in the AWS cloud. We also installed and configured 2ndQuadrant OmniDB in a third node. The image below shows the architecture: We could connect to both the primary and the standby node from OmniDB’s web-based user interface. We then restored a […]

Hans-Juergen Schoenig: PostgreSQL: More performance for LIKE and ILIKE statements

21. Juli 2020 - 10:30

LIKE and ILIKE are two fundamental SQL features. People use those things all over the place in their application and therefore it makes sense to approach the topic from a performance point of view. What can PostgreSQL do to speed up those operations and what can be done in general to first understand the problem and secondly to achieve better PostgreSQL database performance.

Anna Bellandi: Barman 2.11: barman-cloud-restore and barman-cloud-wal-restore

21. Juli 2020 - 9:05
Thanks to the new utilities barman-cloud-restore and barman-cloud-wal-restore introduced in Barman 2.11, it is now possible to execute the recovery of a PostgreSQL instance using a full backup previously executed using barman-cloud-wal-archive and barman-cloud-backup commands. Let’s discover together how to implement this in the following article. It is worth noting that in Barman 2.11, all […]

Bruce Momjian: Force Password Changes

20. Juli 2020 - 17:45

I have written about the limitations of passwords before. Postgres has limited ability to control passwords — mostly how passwords are transferred and how long passwords remain valid.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Umair Shahid

20. Juli 2020 - 16:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Umair Shahid: I am from Pakistan, born & raised in Islamabad. I am married with 2 kids - a 13 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. Neither of them have any interest in PostgreSQL or in computers!

Haroon .: Generating and Managing PostgreSQL Database Migrations(Upgrades) with Spring Boot JPA

20. Juli 2020 - 14:32
If you are building a Spring Boot application for your next project, you would also be preparing and planning for the PostgreSQL database to store the data generated by your customers. In some previous posts on the topic of RESTful services in Spring Boot, we discussed how we can use JPA to automatically create and […]

Darafei Praliaskouski: PostGIS 3.1.0alpha2

18. Juli 2020 - 2:00

The PostGIS Team is pleased to release the second alpha of upcoming PostGIS 3.1.0 release.

Best served with

PostgreSQL 13beta2, GEOS 3.7 or higher is recommended.

ST_MaximumInscribedCircle requires compilation with GEOS 3.9.0 in development to be enabled.

pgRouting 3.1.0 which will also be released soon.

Bruce Momjian: Credential Rotation Using Certificates

17. Juli 2020 - 15:45

The traditional method of authenticating is local password. Authentication using external password managers is also very popular. However, passwords have known limitations, particularly password selection.

Semab Tariq: Machine‌ ‌Learning‌ ‌with‌ ‌2UDA‌ ‌-‌ ‌PostgreSQL‌ ‌and‌ ‌ Orange‌ ‌-‌ ‌Concluding‌ ‌the‌ ‌series‌

17. Juli 2020 - 14:03
In this blog series, we have covered the following machine learning models to utilize Machine Learning capabilities with 2UDA. KNN SVM Random Forest Tree Logistic Regression AdaBoost Neural Network Now we are bringing you a recap of this blog series in order to summarize the results we obtained through these models in a single post. […]