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Bruce Momjian: Why Not to Choose Postgres

16. September 2020 - 16:00

Postgres has made great strides in adding features to match proprietary databases, and it has many complex features that other databases don't have. However, that doesn't mean it is the best fit for every organization. There are still reasons not to use Postgres:

Álvaro Herrera: PostgreSQL 13: LIMIT … WITH TIES

16. September 2020 - 11:00
A simple description of the new WITH TIES standard feature in PostgreSQL 13.

Laurenz Albe: HOT updates in PostgreSQL for better performance

16. September 2020 - 9:30

© Laurenz Albe 2020

HOT updates are not a new feature. They were introduced by commit 282d2a03dd in 2007 and first appeared in PostgreSQL 8.3.

Sadequl Hussain: 7 Best Practice Tips for PostgreSQL Bulk Data Loading

15. September 2020 - 17:10
Sometimes, PostgreSQL databases need to import large quantities of data in a single or a minimal number of steps. This process can be sometimes unacceptably slow. In this article, we will cover some best practice tips for bulk importing data into PostgreSQL databases.

Jonathan Katz: Hidden Gems of PostgreSQL 13

15. September 2020 - 10:40

PostgreSQL 13 is a lucky release! There are some very impactful new features and the release is coming out at its regularly scheduled time in the fall.

movead li: The Share Invalid mechanism of CACHE in PostgreSQL

15. September 2020 - 4:19

PostgreSQL will create some catalog and other caches for each connection request to store some queried data locally, which can speed up query efficiency. If a process undergoes a DDL operation that causes catalog to change, other running processes need to be notified that some cache data is invalid. We call this notification mechanism the SI (Share Invalid) mechanism.

Bruce Momjian: Migrating Away from Hacks

14. September 2020 - 16:45

Database applications are initially written using the simplest queries possible. During testing and in production, some application tasks might have unacceptable performance. This is where re-architecturing happens, and where simple queries and data schema layouts can get complex. They might get complex because it is required to accomplish the task, or it might be because of limitations in how the database software handles certain queries. Database and tooling upgrades can require further complex additions.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Anthony Nowocien

14. September 2020 - 16:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Anthony Nowocien: Hi, I’m Anthony Nowocien. My name comes from my Polish side and some of my looks from my Trinidadian side. I live and work in Paris as a PostgreSQL DBA.

Pavel Stehule: Fedora 33 looks well

13. September 2020 - 7:16

I tested Fedora 33 on my old Lenovo T510 (enhanced 16GB RAM). It looks pretty well. The interactive processes are quick under high load (what was some time problem in older releases).  It is very nice and comfortable.

Jędrzej Biedrzycki: Calculating moving median in Postgres

12. September 2020 - 12:47
0. The problem

Some time ago I’ve stumbled on this interesting question on stackoverflow (as stated in the title). I could not find any satisfactory answer at that time, so I came up with this solution. I think the problem is interesting enough to make it into a blog post.

The following table shows the expected results. The x column contains the original data whereas mdn_x contains the median computed from current up to 3 preceding rows.

Shaun M. Thomas: PG Phriday: 10 Things Postgres Could Improve – Part 3

11. September 2020 - 20:00
At the core of the “10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL” blog post, sits one particular observation that seems like a simple annoyance at first glance. MVCC is presented merely as item 4 in the list, but like XIDs, it serves as a star upon which an entire constellation of related stellar objects converge. While […]

Bruce Momjian: Postgres in the Cloud: The Hard Way

11. September 2020 - 17:15

I recently wrote a presentation, Postgres in the Cloud: The Hard Way, which shows how to create a cloud instance, and install and run Postgres, purely from the command line. This helps show how all the pieces fit together. I recently presented this at pgDay Israel so I am now publishing the slides.

Steven Pousty: Joins or Subquery in PostgreSQL: Lessons Learned

11. September 2020 - 15:09

My introduction to databases  and PostgreSQL was for web application development and statistical analysis. I learned just enough SQL to get the queries to return the right answers.

Ibrar Ahmed: Index Improvements in PostgreSQL 13

10. September 2020 - 19:39

Indexes are one of the core features of all the database management systems (DBMS). Indexes have a very long history in PostgreSQL, which has quite a rich set of index features. PostgreSQL has B-Tree, Hash,  GIN, GIST, and BRIN indexes. And because the development around indexes is still going on, PostgreSQL 13 provides some enhancements.

We can divide the overall improvements into two categories:

Magnus Hagander: FDWs, curl and LIMIT

10. September 2020 - 12:53

I'm sure everybody is aware you can have PostgreSQL fetch data live across the internet (or locally of course) as part of your queries and use the data directly. In fact there are a large number of drivers available to access different kinds of data for download. But in the simplest case, we can also just use the file_fdw wrapper that's included in the standard PostgreSQL packages, together with everybody's http-swiss-army-knife, curl.

Gabriele Bartolini: Which partition contains a specific row in my PostgreSQL database?

9. September 2020 - 18:33
If you are enjoying working with PostgreSQL declarative partitioning, you might be wondering how to check which partition contains a specific record. While it is quite obvious in the cases of list or range partitioning, it is a bit trickier with hash partitioning. Don’t worry. Here you can find a quick way to determine which […]

Jobin Augustine: Why PostgreSQL WAL Archival is Slow

9. September 2020 - 15:31

It is very common to see many customer cases where a sudden increase in disk space usage is caused by a lot of WAL segments filling up the WAL directory (pg_wal). Panicking customers generally ask “Why isn’t PostgreSQL deleting them?”. The most common reasons we used to find were:

Hans-Juergen Schoenig: Generating a normal distribution in SQL

9. September 2020 - 10:00

SQL and PostgreSQL are perfect tools to analyze data. However, they can also be used to create sample data which has to possess certain statistical properties. One thing many people need quite often is a normal distribution. The main question therefore is: How can one create this kind of sample data?

Tablefunc: Creating normal distributions

The first thing you have to do is to enable the tablefunc extension, which is actually quite simple to do:

Joe Conway: PostgreSQL Node Metrics: Don't Fly Blind

8. September 2020 - 19:58

tl;dr -- If you are not actively monitoring your PostgreSQL clusters, and alerting on anomalous conditions, you are "flying blind". Don't do that!

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for PostgreSQL 14 – Add support for partitioned tables and indexes in REINDEX

8. September 2020 - 12:20
On 8th of September 2020, Michael Paquier committed patch: Add support for partitioned tables and indexes in REINDEX   Until now, REINDEX was not able to work with partitioned tables and indexes, forcing users to reindex partitions one by one. This extends REINDEX INDEX and REINDEX TABLE so as they can accept a partitioned index … Continue reading "Waiting for PostgreSQL 14 – Add support for partitioned tables and indexes in REINDEX"