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Ryan Booz: PostgreSQL Patch of Interest (to me): An Occasional Blog Series

13. Februar 2023 - 19:45
PostgreSQL is the “Worlds Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database” (the website header says so, and I happen to agree). One of the reasons PostgreSQL popularity continues to increase is because of how new features, bug fixes, and general discussions about improving Postgres are open for anyone to see. Some changes are proposed and merged … Continue reading "PostgreSQL Patch of Interest (to me): An Occasional Blog Series"

Jagadeesh Panuganti: Storing Network Addresses in Oracle vs PostgreSQL vs SQL Server

13. Februar 2023 - 16:38

Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server support a variety of data types that are very relatable. During the process of migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL and SQL Server to PostgreSQL, we see it is not much of a difficult task in mapping data types between Oracle or SQL Server and PostgreSQL. However, there exists some interesting data types in PostgreSQL that are not otherwise seen in Oracle or SQL Server.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Takamichi Osumi

13. Februar 2023 - 15:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Takamichi Osumi: My name is Takamichi Osumi. I’m a Japanese born and raised in Tokyo. Currently, I live in the Shizuoka prefecture where I can enjoy an easier access to the relaxing nature. I have worked in the Fujitsu open-source team for the last couple of years and got involved in some PostgreSQL projects.

Stefanie Janine: PostgreSQL with PostGIS on Android

13. Februar 2023 - 0:00
Using PostgreSQL On Android

There is an app for Android users, which will give you a terminal: Termux.

With it’s package management you can install your beloved PostgreSQL. That does also include having PostGIS.

There might also be an old Termux app available in the Google Play Store. Do not install this version, it is outdated and will not be updated anymore!

cary huang: Serverless Database Research and Problems Everyone Wants to Solve

11. Februar 2023 - 0:12
1.0 Introduction

There are several solutions out there that can solve distributed database issues (such as Citus) and solutions out there that can solve high availability and database clustering issues (such as patroni). Yes, they do solve distributed and database cluster issues but at the same time make database maintenance and debugging more complicated. Very few developers are willing to do this kind of stuff as they should focus more on application development.

Barry Jones: The Time I Accidentally Ended Up Combating Fraud for a Year

10. Februar 2023 - 21:36
Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time enjoying the Darknet Diaries podcast and it’s compelled me to finally share the entire story of the most intense year of my 20 year professional career. I was the sole developer hired by a company going through a circus-like ownership transition while criminals actively worked to defraud the 300,000 users of this 14 year old, high end marketplace.

gabrielle roth: Quick Logical Replication Checklist

10. Februar 2023 - 21:00
By request… Before starting the publication/subscription, check your schemas.(Adjust if you’re not replicating all tables, or have dropped indexes/constraints to make the initial sync go faster)– Do you have the correct number of tables on both sides?– Do you have the correct number of indexes on both sides?– Do you have the same number of […]

Martin Davis: Temporal Filtering in pg_featureserv with CQL

10. Februar 2023 - 16:00

In a previous post we announced the CQL filtering capability in pg_featureserv. It provides powerful functionality for attribute and spatial querying of data in PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

Magnus Hagander: PGDay/MED 2023 - Call for Sponsors

10. Februar 2023 - 8:15

Since a couple of days, our Call for Sponsors is open!

Join us for a one day conference in St Julian's, Malta, to interact with the PostgreSQL community from the Mediterranean area, Southern Europe and the rest of the world!

We have two simple sponsorship levels, Partner and Supporter, giving you a chance to both showcase your services and products, and to support the community and the conference!

Ryan Lambert: PGSQL Phriday #005 Recap

10. Februar 2023 - 4:30

Thank you everyone who contributed to PgSQL Phriday #005! This month's topic: "Is your data relational?" If I missed any contributions, or if new ones are published, let me know and I'll try to update this post. These snippets are in a somewhat random order, loosely threaded together by sub-topic.

Craig Kerstiens: Exposing Postgres Performance Secrets

9. Februar 2023 - 16:00

We spend a lot of time at Crunchy Data helping people dig into the performance of their Postgres. If you're setting up a new Postgres database or already running on in production there are a number of very basic steps you can take that will save your tail in the future when it comes to investigating performance. Here is your guide that'll take less than 5 minutes to get in place. Future you will thank you for doing this today.

Jimmy Angelakos: FOSDEM 2023 - Don't Do this

9. Februar 2023 - 12:25

Last Sunday, I gave a talk at FOSDEM 2023 in Brussels in the packed PostgreSQL Devroom. It was great to be back at ULB after 2 years! Community conferences have just got this amazing DIY ethic and laid-back attitude, yet somehow end up being as good as or even better than industry conferences, with a very high level of talks and professionalism.

Christophe Pettus: Xtreme PostgreSQL!

9. Februar 2023 - 0:52

The slides from my talk at the February 2023 SFPUG Meeting are now available.

Marco Slot: What’s new in Citus 11.2 for Postgres, plus Patroni HA support for Citus

8. Februar 2023 - 16:49

Our goal for the Citus extension is for you to be able to use all PostgreSQL features at any scale, with a seamless scaling experience. Distributed tables (or more generally “Citus tables”) are a powerful tool to get high performance at any scale. There are only a few remaining limitations when distributing a PostgreSQL table, but we are determined to solve them all. The Citus 11.2 release checks off another five SQL & DDL features that now work seamlessly on Citus tables.

Bob Pacheco: Postgres GitOps with Argo and Kubernetes

8. Februar 2023 - 16:00

Postgres clusters should be updated regularly and have routine maintenance. This regular maintenance is often referred to as “Day 2 operations” and can include a wide variety of tasks like restarting services, resetting passwords, or updating versions. Performing Day 2 operations can be complex and time consuming, especially if you are supporting a large number of Postgres clusters.

Peter Eisentraut: Precompiled headers in PostgreSQL

8. Februar 2023 - 6:00

As some readers might be aware, in PostgreSQL, we have been working on adding a new build system using Meson. The new Meson build system has support for precompiled headers. I wanted to find out how useful that is.

Henrietta Dombrovskaya: Adding partitions to bitemporal model

8. Februar 2023 - 5:00

Until recently, I never tried to partition bitemporal tables because I could not find a good way of partitioning them and because my projects never grew big enough for partitioning becoming a necessity. However, the need became apparent two months after I started with DRW!

You can see the results in the last commit to pg_bitemporal. The changes were committed about a month ago, but I didn’t announce them, and that’s what I finally doing :).

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: How to get a row, and all of it’s dependencies?

7. Februar 2023 - 11:15
This question was asked at least twice on some support channel. Getting a row is trivial: select * from table where id = ?. But what about dependencies – the rows that this exported row references? Decided to take a look at this task. First of all, returning data from/about multiple tables will be tricky. … Continue reading "How to get a row, and all of it’s dependencies?"

Pavlo Golub: Reserve connections in PostgreSQL 16

7. Februar 2023 - 11:00
Reserve connections for the pg_use_reserved_connections group in PostgreSQL 16

Nathan Bossart implemented a brand-new patch that provides a way to reserve connection slots for non-superusers.

The patch was reviewed by Tushar Ahuja and Robert Haas. Committed by Robert Haas. The commit message is:

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Now you can \d table not only in psql :)

7. Februar 2023 - 1:37
Whenever people look for help with queries, one of the first things that I ask is: what is \d of the table. Which works great, with the caveat, that the person on the other end must be somewhat familiar with psql. And quite often it's not the case. So I figured, I can try to … Continue reading "Now you can \d table not only in psql :)"