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Colin Charles: Database Tab Sweep

10. November 2019 - 15:22

I miss a proper database related newsletter for busy people. There’s so much happening in the space, from tech, to licensing, and even usage. Anyway, quick tab sweep.

Jobin Augustine: Configure HAProxy with PostgreSQL Using Built-in pgsql-check

8. November 2019 - 15:35

We discussed one of the traditional ways to configure HAProxy with PostgreSQL in our previous blog about HAProxy using Xinetd. There we briefly mentioned the limitation of the HAProxy’s built-in pgsql-check health check option. It lacks features to detect and differentiate the Primary and Hot-Standby.

Julian Markwort: Introduction and How-To: etcd clusters for Patroni

8. November 2019 - 10:00

etcd is one of several solutions to a problem that is faced by many programs that run in a distributed fashion on a set of hosts, each of which may fail or need rebooting at any moment.

cary huang: Replication Failover with pg_rewind in PG12

7. November 2019 - 23:15
1. Overview

In the previous blog, we have discussed how to correctly set up streaming replication clusters between one master and one slave in Postgres version 12. In this blog, we will simulate a failover scenario on the master database, which causes the replica (or slave) database cluster to be promoted as new master and continue the operation. We will also simulate a failback scenario to reuse the old master cluster after the failover scenario with the help of pg_rewind.

cary huang: Streaming Replication Setup in PG12 – How to Do it Right

7. November 2019 - 23:11
1. Overview

PostgreSQL 12 has been considered as a major update consisting of major performance boost with partitioning enhancements, indexing improvements, optimized planner logics and several others. One of the major changes is noticeably the removal of recovery.conf in a standby cluster. For this reason, the procedure to set up a streaming replication clusters has changed, and in this blog, I will demonstrate how to properly setup a streaming replication setup in PG12.

damien clochard: Achieving k-anonymity with PostgreSQL

7. November 2019 - 12:17

Dalibo Labs just released yesterday the version 0.5 of PostgreSQL Anonymizer, an extension that hides sensitive information inside a PostgreSQL database.

Abdul Yadi: pgAdmin3 for PostgreSQL 12.0

7. November 2019 - 5:27

Why do I still need pgAdmin3? As of now, pgAdmin4 does not show nested partition table in its object tree view. Since pgAdmin3 LTS repository in bitbucket by BigSQL Development Team is no longer available, I republish it in github: with code fixes for PostgreSQL 12 internal relation field changes:

Richard Yen: Making Mystery-Solving Easier with auto_explain

6. November 2019 - 22:00

I recently had to work on a case where a customer noticed some poor application performance after migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL. They seemed to have tried everything in the playbook, but the problem simply wouldn’t get any better.

Dimitri Fontaine: PostgreSQL Query Plan Visualizer

6. November 2019 - 20:45
Photo by unsplash-logoHanna Morris Postgres Query Planning PostgreSQL provides advanced tooling to understand how it executes SQL queries. The execution of a query follows specific steps: Parsing Planning Optimization Execution When it comes to the execution step, all Postgres does is follow the selected optimized plan. It is possible to ask Postgres for the query plan and inspect it, in order to better understand the execution of any query and then when necessary find a way to execute the same query faster.

Paul Ramsey: GZip in PostgreSQL

6. November 2019 - 9:00

I love PostgreSQL extensions.

Extensions are the truest expression of the second principle of the original “design of Postgres” vision, to

provide user extendibility for data types, operators and access methods.

Kirk Roybal: PostgreSQL 12: Implementing K-Nearest Neighbor Space Partitioned Generalized Search Tree Indexes

5. November 2019 - 17:57
K-nearest neighbor answers the question of "What is the closest match?". PostgreSQL 12 can answer this question, and use indexes while doing it.

Luca Ferrari: PostgreSQL 12 Generated Columns

4. November 2019 - 1:00
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Luca Ferrari: PostgreSQL 12 package on FreeBSD

4. November 2019 - 1:00

PostgreSQL 12 is available as binary package on FreeBSD, but not in the quarterly update.