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Magnus Hagander: PGConf.EU 2022 - Waitlist active

23. September 2022 - 10:00

Our waitlist has now been activated, as the conference is close to selling out.

We have seats left, and may get a couple of extra ones if outstanding invoices are not paid on time. However, we have no ability to further extend the total number of seats (as they are limited by the venue). So if you want a chance to get one of these seats, make sure you sign up as soon as possible! The waitlist ensures fair allocation of the remaining seats.

Gabriele Bartolini: Create a PostGIS Database in Kubernetes with CloudNativePG and Improve the Spatial Experience

22. September 2022 - 19:19
A PostGIS cluster is essentially a PostgreSQL cluster with a primary and an arbitrary number of standby instances where the running operand image contains all the required PostGIS related extensions. [Continue reading...]

Ryan Booz: PostgreSQL + TimescaleDB: 1000x Faster Queries, 90% Data Compression, and Much More

22. September 2022 - 17:32

Compared to PostgreSQL alone, TimescaleDB can dramatically improve query performance by 1000x or more, reduce storage utilization by 90%, and provide features essential for time-series and analytical applications. Some of these features even benefit non-time-series data–increasing query performance just by loading the extension.

vignesh C: Column lists in logical replication publications - an overview of this useful PostgreSQL feature

22. September 2022 - 3:01

PostgreSQL 15 introduces a new feature that allows specifying column lists in publications, to restrict the amount of data replicated. Let's see what are the advantages of this feature and how to use it.

Lætitia AVROT: Taking children to PostgreSQL Conference Europe

22. September 2022 - 2:00
I don’t know if you’re aware that PostgreSQL Conference Europe (in Berlin this year) will have a daycare option for children. It’s been published here. I’m really happy with this and I hope this will help more parents to attend the event. Please follow the instructions if you need to add this option to your registration for the event. What will children do? The professionals who will take care of the children suggested the following activities:

Craig Kerstiens: Fun With Postgres Functions

21. September 2022 - 17:00

Postgres is an awesome database for a lot of reasons, put simply it's a really feature rich, powerful, and reliable database. One of those rich areas is the many built-in functions in Postgres.

Let's take a look at a few of my favorites.

Date functions

First, let's start with one of the most simple built-in ones but when doing things with time is quite handy.

Want to know what time it is according to your database?

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Prettify SQL queries from command line

21. September 2022 - 16:05
Around a month ago I wrote about new pretty-printer for SQL queries that I created. Today, figured I'll add command line tool for putting queries through it, to make my life a bit easier. Tool is named pg_prettify, and you can find in in my shell_utils repo. Example usage: =$ cat bad.sql SELECT n.nspname as … Continue reading "Prettify SQL queries from command line"

Stefan Fercot: pgBackRest 2.41 released

20. September 2022 - 18:00

With pgBackRest 2.41 just released, a new feature called backup annotations is now available. Let’s see in this blog post what this is about.

Backup annotations

This new feature adds an --annotation option to the backup command. We can now attach informative key/value pairs to the backup and the option may be used multiple times to attach multiple annotations.


Emil Shkolnik: PostgreSQL – how to detect and solve Checkpoints Ratio issue

20. September 2022 - 17:18

This topic describes how you can detect and solve PostgreSQL checkpoints ratio issues

What happened?

To detect checkpoints ratio issues, and have an ability to look in some historical metrics of this – you must have some kind of monitoring solution. Today, there is a rich selection of monitoring solutions – you can use any you already have, or install another one. Here we will discuss samples based on Awide management and monitoring solution.

Akshay Joshi: Import Export Servers in pgAdmin 4

20. September 2022 - 11:33
In this blog we look at how server definitions can be imported and exported from pgAdmin using the command line or the graphical user interface. This allows server definitions to be migrated between pgAdmin installations and shared with colleagues.

Hans-Juergen Schoenig: PostgreSQL: Sequences vs. Invoice numbers

20. September 2022 - 11:00

Sequences are a core feature of SQL. However, some users are tempted to implement sequences to generate invoices. That’s dangerous and should be avoided. The core question is: Why? What’s the problem with using database-side sequences to put unique invoice numbers to send to clients? Let’s dive in and find out.

Egor Rogov: PostgreSQL 14 Internals, Part III

20. September 2022 - 2:00

I’m excited to announce that the translation of Part III of the “PostgreSQL 14 Internals” book is finished. This part is about a diverse world of locks, which includes a variety of heavyweight locks used for all kinds of purposes, several types of locks on memory structures, row locks which are not exactly locks, and even predicate locks which are not locks at all.

Luca Ferrari: pgenv 1.3.2 is out!

20. September 2022 - 2:00

A new release of the PostgreSQL virtual environment manager.

pgenv 1.3.2 is out!

Today we released version 1.3.2 of pgenv, the binary manager for PostgreSQL.
This release fixes a quite subtle bug in the handling of the configuration that prevented custom settings to be correctly loaded back into the running system. Users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Marco Slot: Citus 11.1 shards your Postgres tables without interruption

19. September 2022 - 18:03

Citus is a distributed database that is built entirely as an open source PostgreSQL extension. In fact, you can install it in your PostgreSQL server without changing any PostgreSQL functionality. Citus simply gives PostgreSQL additional superpowers.

David Christensen: Postgres Data Flow

19. September 2022 - 17:00

At Crunchy we talk a lot about memory, shared buffers, and cache hit ratios. Even our new playground tutorials can help users learn about memory usage. The gist of many of those conversations is that you want to have most of your frequently accessed data in the memory pool closest to the database, the shared buffer cache.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Peter Smith

19. September 2022 - 16:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Peter Smith: My name is Peter Smith. Originally from New Zealand, I now live and work from home on the NSW Central Coast, just north of Sydney Australia. My employer is Fujitsu Australia Software Technology (FAST), and for the last couple of years I have been a member of Fujitsu’s PostgreSQL open-source team.

Bo Peng: How to make Pgpool-II Leader Switchover Seamless on AWS - Updating Route Table

19. September 2022 - 13:45

In my previous post I wrote about  how to configure and manage virtual IP for Pgpool-II on AWS. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are four methods to assign the virtual IP on AWS:

Denis Laxalde: Pipeline mode in Psycopg

19. September 2022 - 7:00

Toulouse, 19 September 2022

Psycopg, the PostgreSQL database adapter for Python, recently added support for libpq pipeline mode thus bringing significant performance boost, especially when network latency is important. In this article, we’ll briefly describe how it works from users’ perspective and under the hood while also providing a few implementation details.

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: What is LATERAL, what is it for, and how can one use it?

18. September 2022 - 16:53
Lately in couple of places I recommended people that they can solve their problem with queries using LATERAL. In some cases recipient of such suggestion indicated that they had no idea what LATERAL is. Which made me think that it might be good idea to write more about them (lateral queries)… Also – I know … Continue reading "What is LATERAL, what is it for, and how can one use it?"

Ryan Booz: PSQL Phriday: A Monthly Blog Event for the PostgreSQL Community

15. September 2022 - 15:30

Not quite a year ago, I had the opportunity to give a keynote address at PGConf NYC 2021 as part of Timescale’s sponsorship. Thankfully the leadership at Timescale supported me addressing the topic of community and how, particularly in light of the upward trend of PostgreSQL adoption, investing in the growing community can help everyone involved.