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Robert Haas: Mentoring Program Updates

9. Juli 2024 - 16:04

Here are a few updates on the mentoring program that I announced in a previous blog post.

Gabriele Bartolini: CloudNativePG Recipe 9 - Inspecting the network and the storage in a CloudNativePG cluster

9. Juli 2024 - 13:20

In this blog post, I delve into the crucial aspects of networking and storage within a CloudNativePG cluster deployed on Kubernetes. I explore how Kubernetes services manage external and internal communications for PostgreSQL clusters, ensuring high availability and seamless failover. Additionally, I examine the role of PersistentVolumeClaims in handling PostgreSQL data storage, offering insights into effective resource management.

Hans-Juergen Schoenig: Using AI to generate data structures for PostgreSQL

9. Juli 2024 - 7:26

Artificial Intelligence is the motto of the day. Everybody is talking about it, everybody seems to know what it means and the insane number of buzzwords floating around on the internet is just mind-boggling. It seems that in some areas of the industry, the number of slides and marketing videos exceeds the number of real-world use cases and sometimes even the amount of code that actually exists.

Claire Giordano: Say hello to the Talking Postgres podcast

9. Juli 2024 - 2:03

The TL;DR of this blog post is simple: the “Path To Citus Con” podcast for developers who love Postgres has been renamed—and the new name is Talking Postgres.

And if you’re just hearing about the Talking Postgres podcast for the first time, it is a monthly podcast for developers who love Postgres, with amazing guests from the Postgres world who talk about the human side of Postgres, databases, and open source.

Sergey Pronin: Automated Major Version Upgrades in Percona Operator for PostgreSQL

8. Juli 2024 - 17:41
PostgreSQL major versions are released every year, with each release delivering better performance and new features. With such rapid innovation, it is inevitable that there will be a need to upgrade from one version to another. Upgrade procedures are usually very complex and require thorough planning. With the 2.4.0 release of Percona Operator for PostgreSQL, […]

Umair Shahid: Access Controls in PostgreSQL

8. Juli 2024 - 17:41

Secure your PostgreSQL database with effective access control. Learn role management, privileges, and Row-Level Security (RLS) techniques.

The post Access Controls in PostgreSQL appeared first on Stormatics.

Andreas 'ads' Scherbaum: Grant Zhou

8. Juli 2024 - 16:00
PostgreSQL Person of the Week Interview with Grant Zhou: I was born in Qingdao, China, and have been living in Vancouver, Canada since 2013. I am the founder of Highgo Software North America and lead the company’s PostgreSQL open source development team, focusing on PostgreSQL contributions and the IvorySQL project. Additionally, I serve as the secretary of the International Consultant Committee of the PostgreSQL China Association and as the Organizer & Asia Liaison at PostgresConf.

David Wheeler: Introducing Go SQL/JSON Path and Playground

8. Juli 2024 - 15:59

For a personal project, I needed to parse and execute PostgreSQL-compatible jsonpath expressions.1 So I’ve spent just about every spare evening and weekend the last several months porting Postgres jsonpath to Go, and it’s finally ready to ship.

Tomas Vondra: Basics of Tuning Checkpoints

8. Juli 2024 - 14:00
On systems doing non-trivial number of writes, tuning checkpoints is crucial for getting good performance. Yet checkpoints are one of the areas where we often identify confusion and configuration issues, both on the community mailing lists and during support and consulting for our customers. This post is meant to explain what checkpoints are - the purpose and how the database implements that - and then also how to tune them.

Elizabeth Garrett Christensen: Parallel Queries in Postgres

8. Juli 2024 - 12:00

Many folks are surprised to hear that Postgres has parallel queries out of the box. This was released in small batches across a half dozen versions of Postgres, so the major fanfare for having parallelism got a little bit lost.

Andrei Lepikhov: Why PostgreSQL prefers MergeJoin to HashJoin?

8. Juli 2024 - 2:01

Today's post is sparked by a puzzling observation: users, especially those who use an abstraction layer like REST or ORM library to interact with databases, frequently disable the MergeJoin option across the entire database instance. They justify this action by citing numerous instances of performance degradation.

Radim Marek: Gentle Introduction to Window Functions in PostgreSQL

7. Juli 2024 - 2:00

Understanding the relationship between data points is crucial. For instance, you might need to identify the most recent orders for each customer or track changes in sensor readings over time. Unlike aggregate functions, which summarise data into a single row, it is window functions that allow you to analyse data while preserving each row’s details. This is the core of the logic, but don’t worry if you struggle to imagine the difference, as we will cover all of it in this article.

Regina Obe: PostGIS 3.5.0alpha2

6. Juli 2024 - 2:00

The PostGIS Team is pleased to release PostGIS 3.5.0alpha2! Best Served with PostgreSQL 17 Beta2 and GEOS 3.12.2.

Jimmy Angelakos: PGDay Lowlands and DBA Day 2024

5. Juli 2024 - 11:37

Some great news: there's a new European PostgreSQL event in the Netherlands taking place in Amsterdam in September: PGDay Lowlands 2024!

Karen Jex: Database Troubleshooting for Developers at Brighton Ruby

4. Juli 2024 - 17:59

This post contains the slides from the talk that I gave at Brighton Ruby last week, along with the transcript and other information.

I'll add the link to the video as soon as it's available.

Regina Obe: PostGIS 3.5.0alpha1

4. Juli 2024 - 2:00

The PostGIS Team is pleased to release PostGIS 3.5.0alpha1! Best Served with PostgreSQL 17 Beta2 and GEOS 3.12.2.

This version requires PostgreSQL 12 - 17, GEOS 3.8 or higher, and Proj 6.1+. To take advantage of all features, GEOS 3.12+ is needed. To take advantage of all SFCGAL features, SFCGAL 1.5.0+ is needed.

semab tariq: Key PostgreSQL Configuration Parameters for Enhanced Performance

3. Juli 2024 - 8:23

Learn how to configure key parameters to boost Transactions Per Second (TPS) and improve overall database performance.

The post Key PostgreSQL Configuration Parameters for Enhanced Performance appeared first on Stormatics.

Laurenz Albe: Swiss PGDay 2024 and PG conferences in general

2. Juli 2024 - 8:11

I enjoy writing about the technical aspects of PostgreSQL, but occasionally it is good to write about other aspects of PostgreSQL. Since I just returned from the Swiss PGDay 2024, I'll sing the praise of PostgreSQL conferences.

Deepak Mahto: Your Guide to PostgreSQL Extensions in the Cloud

1. Juli 2024 - 23:36

Ever been fascinated by the limitless possibilities that PostgreSQL extensions bring to the table? From enhancing security to driving machine learning capabilities, extensions elevate the functionality of your database, transforming it into a powerful tool that drives business success. Imagine effortlessly querying and connecting to diverse sources like MySQL, Oracle, and Storing Embedding usinf vector data type and many more—all made possible through extensions.

Daniel Vérité: Looking at the new built-in collation provider in PostgreSQL 17

1. Juli 2024 - 19:20
Among the novelties of PostgreSQL 17, recently released in beta, there’s a built-in UTF-8 locale and collation with binary string comparisons. In this post, let’s see why it’s interesting, how to use it and how it performs.