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David Rowley: What’s new in the Postgres 16 query planner / optimizer

8. Februar 2024 - 18:16

PostgreSQL 16 introduces quite a few improvements to the query planner and makes many SQL queries run faster than they did on previous versions of PostgreSQL.

If you look at the PG16 release notes, you’ll see some of these planner improvements. But with the volume of changes made in each PostgreSQL release, it’s not possible to provide enough detail about each and every change. So maybe you might need a bit more detail to know what the change is about—before you understand if it’s relevant to you.

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for PostgreSQL 17 – Add new COPY option SAVE_ERROR_TO / Rename COPY option from SAVE_ERROR_TO to ON_ERROR

7. Februar 2024 - 22:41
On 16th of January 2024, Alexander Korotkov committed patch: Add new COPY option SAVE_ERROR_TO   Currently, when source data contains unexpected data regarding data type or range, the entire COPY fails. However, in some cases, such data can be ignored and just copying normal data is preferable.

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for PostgreSQL 17 – Support identity columns in partitioned tables

7. Februar 2024 - 21:12
On 16th of January 2024, Peter Eisentraut committed patch: Support identity columns in partitioned tables   Previously, identity columns were disallowed on partitioned tables. (The reason was mainly that no one had gotten around to working through all the details to make it work.) This makes it work now.   Some details on the behavior: … Continue reading "Waiting for PostgreSQL 17 – Support identity columns in partitioned tables"

Andreas Scherbaum: PostgreSQL February Meetup in Berlin

7. Februar 2024 - 20:43

On February 6th, 2024, we had the PostgreSQL February Meetup in Berlin.

Christoph Berg: FOSDEM 2024 in Brussels

7. Februar 2024 - 16:18
FOSDEM 2024 and I was there!

Paul Ramsey: Building the PgConf.Dev Programme

6. Februar 2024 - 17:00

The programme for in Vancouver (May 28-31) has been selected, the speakers have been notified, and the whole thing should be posted on the web site relatively soon.

I have been on programme committees a number of times, but for regional and international FOSS4G events, never for a PostgreSQL event, and the parameters were notably different.

Luca Ferrari: pgenv gains a new command (and contributor!)

6. Februar 2024 - 1:00

A new command in the pgenv script.

pgenv gains a new command (and contributor!)

[pgenv]({:target="_blank"} , the PostgreSQL binary manager written as a Bourne Again Shell script, has gained a new command: status.

Adrien Nayrat: Postgres again elected DBMS of the Year in 2023, but I'm worried

5. Februar 2024 - 9:00

Once again, Postgres has been elected DBMS of the Year by DB-Engines. Although this is only a ranking, it gives a trend. It has also been recognized for several years in Stackoverflow surveys : Most popular Databases.

Ricardo Zavaleta: Pgvector vs Lantern part 2 - The one with parallel indexes

5. Februar 2024 - 1:00

Three weeks ago, we wrote a blog comparing pg_vector and lantern on index creation and search speed, and also mentioned that this is a fast evolving space with great momentum.

Just last week, we saw the release of Pgvector v0.6.0, which contains improvements in HWSW build time thanks to the ability to build indexes in parallel.

Luca Ferrari: Changing a Column from Integer to Boolean in One Transaction

5. Februar 2024 - 1:00

A way to fix some oddity that comes from other databases.

Changing a Column from Integer to Boolean in One Transaction

I was migrating a database from SQLite3 to PostgreSQL, not because the former isn’t good, rather because the latter shines!

Henrietta Dombrovskaya: Tuning Parameters vs Tuning Queries: presentation and recording

4. Februar 2024 - 18:15

The presentation I gave for Chicago PUG in January was a reserved talk for FOSDEM, so I hold of with sharing until after the conference. Now that the conference is over, here is it!

Jeremy Schneider: UUID Benchmark War

4. Februar 2024 - 0:54

This month’s PGSQL Phriday #015 topic is about UUIDs, hosted by Lætitia Avrot. Lætitia has called for a debate. No, no, no. I say let’s have an all-out war. A benchmark war.

I have decided to orchestrate a benchmark war between four different methods of storing a primary key:

Dan Langille: could not open certificate file “/root/.postgresql/postgresql.crt”: Permission denied

3. Februar 2024 - 23:33
I went to work on a brilliant new idea for a FreshPorts feature and I immediately hit a snag on my dev system. I noticed that the package importing system had not run anything recently. The reason why was in the logs: In this post: FreeBSD 14.0 PostgresQL 16.1 py39-psycopg2-2.9.9 Python 3.9.18 First, why did […]

Lætitia AVROT: PGSQL Phriday #015: Primary keys: UUID, CUID, or TSID?

3. Februar 2024 - 13:02
This month’s PGSQLPhriday event is about UUId thanks to my post calling for a fight debate on the topic. I will answer a question a friend developer asked me: “What is the best when we need a primary key? UUID, CUID, or TSID?” TL;DR: please don’t The answer is: “It depends!” Yes, it’s a running joke amongst consultants: you can always answer all customers' questions with an “it depends”. The reason for that is simple: if the answer was obvious, you wouldn’t need the consultant!

Pavlo Golub: Postgres.AI bot interview for PGSQL Phriday #015

2. Februar 2024 - 19:00

This month, we have an invitation from Lætitia to talk about UUIDs. UUIDs are a hot topic, and Cybertec wrote several posts earlier.

Francesco Tisiot: How to load JSON data in PostgreSQL with the the COPY command

2. Februar 2024 - 14:00

You have a JSON dataset that you want to upload to a PostgreSQL table containing properly formatted rows and columns... How do you do it?

All the main sources like my own blog and others tell you to load the JSON in a dedicated temporary table containing a unique JSON column, then parse it and load into the target table. However there could be another way, avoiding the temp table!

Jagadeesh Panuganti: Data Navigation with PostgreSQL Cursors – Part II

1. Februar 2024 - 17:21

Welcome back to the second article in our series exploring PostgreSQL cursors. In the first part of this series, we explored the fundamentals of scrollable cursors. In this article, we’ll shift our focus to non-scrollable cursors and explore how they can enhance your data navigation experience with PostgreSQL Cursors. Understanding Non-Scrollable Cursors Non-scrollable cursors in […]

David Wheeler: Contemplating Decentralized Extension Publishing

1. Februar 2024 - 16:50

As I think through the future of the Postgres extension ecosystem as a key part of the new job, I wanted to understand how Go decentralized publishing works. In this post I work it out, and think through how we might do something similar for Postgres extension publishing.