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Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for PostgreSQL 17 – ALTER TABLE command to change generation expression

15. Januar 2024 - 16:30
On 4th of January 2024, Peter Eisentraut committed patch: ALTER TABLE command to change generation expression   This adds a new ALTER TABLE subcommand ALTER COLUMN ... SET EXPRESSION that changes the generation expression of a generated column.   The syntax is not standard but was adapted from other SQL implementations.

Greg Sabino Mullane: Postgres Postmaster File Explained

12. Januar 2024 - 14:00

You may have noticed a file called inside your data directory. This file gets created when Postgres first starts up, and gets removed on a clean shutdown. It seems to contain some random numbers and strings, but what do they all mean?

The file will look like this:

2757 /home/greg/pg/17/data 176540940 5432 /tmp * 8675309 12 ready

Here is a quick cheat sheet of the contents:

Henrietta Dombrovskaya: The Optimization Book Second Edition Is Here!

12. Januar 2024 - 4:38

Today was the day - our PostgreSQL Query Optimization book was published! The book is currently available on Apress website, and if you are interested in the paper book, I believe that’s the fastest way to get it.

Pavel Luzanov: PostgreSQL 17: part 3 or CommitFest 2023-11

12. Januar 2024 - 1:00

The November commitfest is ripe with new interesting features! Without further ado, let’s proceed with the review.

If you missed our July and September commitfest reviews, you can check them out here: 2023-07, 2023-09.

Melanie Plageman: You should submit a Postgres talk to the CFP for

11. Januar 2024 - 18:15

The CFP closes on Monday, January 15 at 11:59pm PST, so if you want to speak at the inaugural, submit a proposal! is the new PostgreSQL Development Conference, the successor to PGCon, a Postgres contribution-focused conference that took place every year in Ottawa. Pronounced "Pee-gee-conf-dot-dev", the inaugural year of will take place in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, on May 28-31, 2024—with many of the same conference features that made PGCon so great:

Lukas Fittl: Introducing pg_query for Postgres 16 - Parsing SQL/JSON, Windows support, PL/pgSQL parse mode & more

11. Januar 2024 - 10:45
Parsing SQL queries and turning them into a syntax tree is not a simple task. Especially when you want to support special syntax that is specific to a particular database engine, like Postgres. And when you’re working with queries day in day out, like we do at pganalyze, understanding the actual intent of a query, which tables it scans, which columns it filters on, and such, is essential. Almost 10 years ago, we determined that in order to create the best product for monitoring and optimizing…

Jan Karremans: Cloud Services and Fully Managed Postgres

11. Januar 2024 - 10:30
The Cloud is here

There is no getting around “The Cloud”. We all know it, everybody is doing it!
And, let’s face it, if you are looking to get away from the hardship of having to go through troublesome and boring processes to get a new server or a new rack installed in your data center, this might help.

muhammad ali: Logical Replication in PostgreSQL

10. Januar 2024 - 17:58

Understand the components involved in logical replication, how it differentiates from streaming replication and the factors to consider.

The post Logical Replication in PostgreSQL appeared first on Stormatics.

Sergey Pronin: Create an AI Expert With Open Source Tools and pgvector

9. Januar 2024 - 18:58
2023 was the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A lot of companies are thinking about how they can improve user experience with AI, and the most usual first step is to use company data (internal docs, ticketing systems, etc.) to answer customer questions faster and (or) automatically.In this blog post, we will explain the basic […]

Robert Haas: Incremental Backups: Evergreen and Other Use Cases

9. Januar 2024 - 17:28

As of this writing, I know of three ways to make use of the incremental backup feature that I committed near the end of last month. I'll be interested to see how people deploy in practice. The first idea is to replace some of the full backups you're currently doing with incremental backups, saving backup time and network transfer.

Filipe Cabaco: Elixir clustering using Postgres

9. Januar 2024 - 1:00
Learn about our approach to connecting multiple nodes in Elixir using Postgres

Jonathan Katz: Why, what, and how you can participate

9. Januar 2024 - 1:00

When I first began exploring how to get involved in the PostgreSQL community, the first event I heard of was PGCon. I was still in college when PGCon had started(!), and I did have FOMO about not going (that said, I don’t think the phrase “FOMO” existed yet).

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for PostgreSQL 17 – Add support for incremental backup.

8. Januar 2024 - 19:23
On 20th of December 2023, Robert Haas committed patch: Add support for incremental backup.   To take an incremental backup, you use the new replication command UPLOAD_MANIFEST to upload the manifest for the prior backup. This prior backup could either be a full backup or another incremental backup. You then use BASE_BACKUP with the INCREMENTAL … Continue reading "Waiting for PostgreSQL 17 – Add support for incremental backup."

Jeremy Schneider: Copy-and-Paste A New Postgres Dev Env In 5 Min

8. Januar 2024 - 15:39

You can cut-and-paste the following commands to quickly get a new & clean dev environment for working with PostgreSQL source code. This includes Michael Paquier’s powerful script kit for managing the PostgreSQL development environment.

Setting up from scratch takes me about 5 minutes, plus 3 minutes to configure, compile and install PostgreSQL for testing. Running the full PostgreSQL test suite (including TAP tests) took me 13 minutes.

Marco Slot: An Overview of Distributed PostgreSQL Architectures

8. Januar 2024 - 14:00

I've always found distributed systems to be the most fascinating branch of computer science. I think the reason is that distributed systems are subject to the rules of the physical world just like we are. Things are never perfect, you cannot get everything you want, you’re always limited by physics, and often by economics, or by who you can communicate with. Many problems in distributed systems simply do not have a clean solution, instead there are different trade-offs you can make.

Paul Ramsey: PgConf.Dev @ Vancouver, May 28-31

7. Januar 2024 - 17:00

This year, the global gathering of PostgreSQL developers has a new name, and a new location (but more-or-less the same dates) … is now!

Some important points right up front:

David Z: How to setup TLS connection for PostgreSQL

6. Januar 2024 - 1:42
1. Overview

PostgreSQL is a robust open-source database management system, earning the distinction of DBMS of the Year 2023. Users choose for PostgreSQL due to various reasons, such as SQL support, Query Optimization, and Reliability, etc. In this blog, I will guide you through the process of setting up a TLS connection between a PostgreSQL server and the psql client using self-signed certificates. Here is the general view of the TLS connection setup.

Umair Shahid: The Next 20 Years of PostgreSQL: Embracing Better Persuasion

5. Januar 2024 - 17:29

Simon Riggs, a luminary in the PostgreSQL community and a strategic advisor to Stormatics, recently addressed the future trajectory of PostgreSQL recently addressed a keynote at PGConf EU...

The post The Next 20 Years of PostgreSQL: Embracing Better Persuasion appeared first on Stormatics.

Andrew Atkinson: The Rails Changelog — #014: PostgreSQL for Rails Developers with Andrew Atkinson 🎙️

5. Januar 2024 - 1:00

Back in September, the week before Emmanuel Hayford traveled to Rails World, and I traveled to PGConf NYC, we connected for the 14th episode of the Rails Changelog podcast.

Emmanuel has been landing top-notch guests from Ruby on Rails! Check out this look back at the Rails Changelog podcast guests from 2023.

Andrew Atkinson: Remote Ruby — Unleashing the Power of Postgres with Andrew Atkinson 🎙️

5. Januar 2024 - 1:00

Back in October I joined Jason, Andrew, and Chris, as a guest on Remote Ruby.

Remote Ruby is a podcast I listen to regularly, so it was a lot of fun to be a guest.

Some of the topics we discussed were my process of writing the book High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails, what’s trending in PostgreSQL now, storage access and database concepts, and of course some new things in Ruby on Rails.